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The Biggest Myth About Bed Sheets


Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Added to that it’s covered in nerves and sensory receptors which make touch and feel so important.

Research shows that the physical touch directly affects how you feel. The softer the touch, the happier we feel. No wonder babies and children so often need that soft toy or fabric piece to settle down, and it’s not really any different for us adults!

You spend a third of your life between the sheets, so to speak, so it makes sense that you choose the best sheets to help you love that bedtime. You need sheets that feel good as well as being durable, breathable, moisture wicking and sustainably produced.

Beyond thread count and the hype

Popular mythology says ‘High thread count good – low thread count not so’ – wrong!!

The truth is that when it comes to feel and softness, don’t select your sheets based on thread count. Some 1,000+ thread count sheets might be soft but some feel like a canvas sack.

Of far more importance is the actual feel of the fabric, how it performs (breathes and wicks moisture) and how durable it is.

Fabric feel

The way a fabric is woven results in microscopic bumps in the surface. A traditional weave with ‘one over one under’ results in a rougher feel than a sateen weave that has ‘four over one under’ and feels smoother and ‘silk like’ because of the longer thread runs.

For our sheets we selected fabric woven from fibre made using renewable Bamboo pulp woven in a sateen weave pattern. The resulting fabric with a 375 thread count is extremely soft.


After selecting a fabric that feels gentle you should look for a fabric that breathes and wicks moisture effectively. Bamboo fabric breathes remarkably well and wicks moisture away from the body (some tests show it is 40% more absorbent than cotton).


Poor quality bamboo sheets have a great soft feel but they don’t last and are prone to heavy pilling (those aggravating little ‘baubles’ that form on the fabric). We selected a weave and thread quality that makes a more durable and pill resistant sheet that not only lasts and lasts but gets softer with every wash.

What are you waiting for? Sleep like a baby again with your own bamboo ‘comforter’ sheets!