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Why latex is so good in bed(s)!


Why is Latex used so often in mattress construction?

Latex is a great material functionally in mattresses because it has excellent rebound, softness and resilience characteristics. It is an excellent comfort layer, it feels good and rebounds and recovers really well from compression. It has the added advantage of being all or part natural (more on that later).

Used either on its own or in conjunction with other foams, it delivers an important component of the mattress comfort feel, and as a layer over pocket springs in hybrid mattresses, it delivers a perfect comfort transition between soft body and harder springs. It is for that reason that we use it as the base layer in our Sleep Republic pillow top.

Does latex make a mattress hot?

A small proportion of people are “hot sleepers”. Feedback over many years from these hot sleepers shows the trigger is as likely to be any one of foam, memory foam or latex. Most often it is associated with solid ‘slab’ construction together with softer or plusher feels that can envelop the body and trap heat. Firm or medium firm mattresses with spring cores seem to present fewer problems for those predisposed to heat build up.

What about latex sensitivities?

While some people are sensitive to latex and foam odour or “off-gassing”, a very small proportion have an actual allergy to the proteins contained in latex – the same proteins are found in apple, avocado and tomatoes amongst others. Allergic reactions are most often in response to contact with the latex protein and much less likely in response to latex embedded in the construction, and not actually in contact with the body.

Latex is broadly used in many products including shoes, underwear leg and waistbands, condoms, dishwashing gloves, balloons and baby bottles. Most people who have an allergy are well and truly aware of it because so many products contain latex.

Natural vs synthetic latex

Latex is a natural product, essentially rubber harvested from rubber trees, whereas synthetic latex is made using polymers and is basically a type of foam.

Each are alike in the way they feel and respond, but, natural latex is more durable, resilient, healthier and better for the environment.

When you’re on a good thing…

We use natural latex as a part of our mattress comfort layer quite simply because it delivers the best all-round outcome for comfort, durability and sustainability!