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What is a mattress in a box?


Everything you need to know about buying a bed in a box

The mattress in a box phenomenon is sweeping the world. Everywhere you look, companies and people are singing the praises of this brand new thing: a mattress, in a box. You might have seen ads and considered buying one but want to know more. Or you could just be a huge mattress enthusiast with a lot of spare time. Either way, we’ve compiled this handy guide for you.

Read on to learn everything you wanted to know about the mattress in a box revolution.

Sleep Republic makes buying our award-winning mattress in a box simple and straightforward. Get started on your journey to improved sleep.

What is a mattress in a box?

A mattress in a box is just the same as a regular mattress, only in a box. A bed in a box is simply compressed in a bag, rolled tight and air-sealed before shipping. And because they are compressed down to the size of a small cabinet, boxed beds are a lot easier and cheaper to transport than regular mattresses.

Which is the best bed in a box?

an asleep womanThis really depends on you and your needs. We encourage everyone to read online reviews and think about what you want from a mattress in terms of price and calibre.

Of course, we believe that Sleep Republic’s mattress in a box is clearly the best. It offers super comfortable sleep that hundreds of people are raving about. People are actually writing reviews about how much they like our mattress in a box!

Our high-quality mattresses feature both gel-infused memory foam and pocket springs, and feature knitted cashmere and anti-allergenic natural latex. They are medium-firm, comfortable but still supportive, offering the perfect balance between soft and hard.

Our mattresses have a 12-year warranty, and we provide free same-day delivery on orders received before midday throughout metropolitan Australia.

What sizes of mattresses come in a box?

Thanks to advanced compression technology, our boxed mattresses come in a huge range of sizes:

  • Single
  • Long single
  • King single
  • Double
  • King
  • Queen

How do you transport a boxed mattress in a sedan?

Quite easily! When we say a mattress in a box, we literally mean an entire mattress in a little box. The box fits in any vehicle that isn’t a clown car, and even comes with wheels to make it easier to transport.

Where should I buy a mattress in a box online?


This will depend on what you need from a mattress in a box. Some customers are looking for the most affordable option, while others are more focused on mattress quality. Ultimately, it will come down to your personal preference shaped by research and word-of-mouth. We encourage everybody to do their due diligence and read widely before making a purchase.

Here at Sleep Republic, we naturally believe we sell the best boxed mattresses. But we would say that, wouldn’t we? However, many of our satisfied customers are saying the same thing.

What are the advantages of buying a mattress in a box?

There are several advantages to buying a mattress in a box instead of a traditional mattress.

1. Cost Savings

Bed-in-a-box mattresses are significantly less expensive compared to conventional mattresses. Many companies frequently offer deals and discounts, so you can secure a heavenly new bed for less than what you’d pay at a typical bedding store.

These cost savings are a result of only selling online. Costs are reduced by not having a physical location with associated expenses. Plus compressing the mattresses into small boxes keeps shipping costs down, allowing savings to be passed on to customers.

2. Convenient delivery

When you buy a mattress in a bedding store, it often needs to be ordered from a warehouse and scheduled for delivery days or weeks later. Sometimes your mattress is available on the day of purchase, but you have to pay an expensive delivery fee or lug it home yourself. Mattress in a box companies, on the other hand, typically offer same-day delivery to your door, making the process so much easier.

3. Risk-free trials

Since you can’t try out a mattress in a box before you buy it online, companies offer trial periods. During this time you can return the mattress free of charge and either receive a refund or request an exchange.

Sleep Republic offers our famous 100 Night Free Trial. Contact us within 100 days of your purchase and we’ll collect your mattress free of charge, refund you and recycle the mattress or donate it to charity.

The Sleep Republic mattress in a box has won multiple awards and the Australian Spinal Research Foundation endorses it. If you’re ready to take the next step towards a blissful night’s sleep, browse our range..