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What can you buy to get a better night’s sleep?

Some incredible products to help you sleep through the night

There are lots of tremendous products that help us with our lives. Shoes, for example, protect our soft and sensitive feet from jagged rocks and shards of broken glass. Meat thermometers take the guesswork out of cooking chicken, and preserve us from dreaded food poisonings like salmonella. But products aren’t just there to help us in the waking hours, from aforementioned activities like walking and preparing poultry. There are also products to help you sleep.

But, we hear you asking, “What can I buy to help me sleep?” It’s a devilishly tricky question; the market is full of phoney products that promise blissful slumber but actually don’t help you sleep at all! It takes an expert in the field to separate bonafide sleeping products from cheap imitations.

At Sleep Republic, we’ve got years of experience helping people sleep soundly. To help you get the most out of your REM cycles, we’ve assembled the following list of things you can buy to help you sleep. If you’re having trouble dozing off, try some of these handy, sleep inducing products.

There are many products to help you sleep, but most will be ineffective if you’re still using the wrong mattress. Read on to find out more about Sleep Republic’s incredible hybrid mattress.

Vitamins to help you get to sleep


Having deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can make it harder to function and thrive while you’re awake, but did you know that it can also make it more difficult to sleep well? If you’re at low levels of any of the following, you might need to purchase some supplement products to help you sleep:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B12
  • Tryptophan
  • Melatonin
  • Omega 3s

Relaxing things you can buy to help you sleep

Getting in the right state of mind before bedtime can make a world of difference to your sleeping. If you’re feeling anxious, or are being kept up by loud noises, that can make an effective night’s rest seem impossible. Thankfully, there are many products to help you sleep like:

  • Herbal teas
  • A weighted blanket
  • A white noise machine
  • Black out curtains

Dress for success if you want to sleep better

As the old saying goes, clothes maketh the man. As the slightly newer saying goes, good pyjamas maketh the man have an easier time getting to sleep. Is it time to update your nocturnal wardrobe? There are thousands of quality pyjama manufacturers, ready to adorn your resting body in silks and soft cotton.

If you’re finding that even your most comfortable pyjama pants are an imposition, try a loose fitting nightshirt instead. Alternately, if you’re the sort of person who finds even the most comfortable pyjamas to be an imposition, consider investing in an additional blanket. This will help to keep you warm at night, and compensate for your nakedness.

Medicine to help you sleep

If you’ve tried everything else, it might be the case that there is a medical reason that you’re having trouble with your sleep. When people are suffering from acute insomnia, there is sometimes an underlying disease or disorder at play that requires treatment by a doctor.

There are remedies, medicines and treatments that can assist with an assortment of sleep-related ailments. However, it is important to be aware that taking medication for sleep can be extremely dangerous, and fatal if done incorrectly. Only take prescription medication if advised to do so by a qualified medical professional, and follow the instructions to the letter.

Sleep inducing mattresses

Sleep Republic mattress

The wrong mattress can seriously compromise the integrity of your sleep. There are a number of ways that an inappropriate mattress can make sleeping difficult. The most immediate issue is that a mattress isn’t comfortable, and that you have trouble dozing off. The secondary issue, which can be even more serious, is that the mattress doesn’t provide enough support, and over time you find yourself suffering from back, shoulder, hip and neck pain.

The #1 thing you can buy to help you sleep is a mattress that provides both comfort and ample support. That’s why at Sleep Republic we’ve created a hybrid mattress. It has all the comfort of foam, with the added support of pocket springs.

If you’re looking for things to help you sleep, start with the right mattress. Check out Sleep Republic’s multi-award winning mattress, and see if it doesn’t help you race off to the land of nod ASAP.