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Do latex mattresses sleep hot?


Understanding how heat moves through your mattress

Do latex mattresses sleep hot? This is a common misconception that is rife throughout the mattress buying process. Latex mattresses do not sleep hot — the good ones, anyway. Natural latex mattresses are better at circulating and regulating heat than memory foam mattresses.

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Hot sleeping

Heat and sleep don’t mix well, usually. When we are hot, our bodies react in a range of ways. Night sweats are the most common resistance method to heat, and can lead to uncomfortable sleeping, restlessness, and in extreme cases, chronic dehydration.

Night sweats are caused by a range of factors, many of which may be well outside of your control. These include:

  • Hot weather: Summer is prime time for hot sleeping and night sweats, especially in Australia.
  • Exercise: Drastic increases in exercise levels can lead to an increase in body heat at night.
  • Metabolism: Some people, men especially, have higher metabolisms than others.
  • Ventilation: Poor ventilation in the bedroom can ensure that you have a hot and stuffy night’s sleep.
  • Hormones: Changes in hormonal balances can increase body heat and create night sweats.
  • Age: Older people struggle with sleeping at the best of times. Menopause, restless legs, and other bodily changes can add to heat and discomfort.
  • Partners: Double the bodies and you often double the body heat. Partnered sleeping can be uncomfortable.

However, there is one factor of hot sleeping and night sweats that you have complete mastery over — mattress material. Cheaply made foam mattresses have a penchant for holding on to heat. Many buyers who take advantage of a lower price point are often left disappointed and downright uncomfortable at night.

Types of materials in mattress making

The construction of your mattress has a drastic impact on airflow, and therefore, your ability to respond to changes in temperature.

Pocket springs

High tensile steel springs feature throughout quality mattresses. They provide support to all parts of the body — from the centre of the mattress to the edge, to prevent sleepers from rolling off.

Pocket springs need to be arranged in the perfect balance to promote both support and airflow. Too many springs, too tightly packed, and air will not be able to move throughout the interior of the mattress. Too few, and the sleeper will suffer from a lack of support.

Sleep Republic’s quality mattresses feature up to 2,250 springs, perfectly aligned to offer support and breathability.

Memory foam

Like pocket springs, memory foam is an important material for providing comfort and support within the core of your mattress. Memory foam is infused with a special gel to promote pressure relief through contouring and flexibility.

The key is quality — poor quality memory foam will result in poor air circulation. Higher quality material will dissipate heat, while still granting the sleeper plenty of contoured support.

Mattresses in all sizes from Sleep Republic are made from the memory foam of the highest quality, granting you both support and circulation when you hit the hay.

Natural latex

There is a common misconception that natural latex cannot breathe. Many believe the material to be an unyielding piece of solid latex. In reality, this is far from the truth.

Rather than being a solid block of latex material, your natural latex layer features thousands of tiny holes to promote adequate heat management. Your Sleep Republic mattress features latex harvested from natural sources, meaning that it is also sensitive to those with allergies.

Other materials

A range of other material make up Sleep Republic mattresses, all included to give you the edge on comfort. These materials include:

  • 3D spacer fabric: A hybrid of several different fibres knitted together to enhance airflow.
  • Cashmere: A knitted pillow top provides softness and breathability.

Your sheets and bedding will also dictate how hot or cool your sleeping experience is. However, the best night sleep begins with a great mattress. The best ones all balance support, comfort, and airflow in equal measure, leading to a better night’s sleep, no matter the season.

Looking for a new mattress that promotes comfort and support, while giving you a cooler sleep? Sleep Republic has the answer. Order now and try a new mattress for 100 Nights. if you are unsatisfied with the result, you can send it back, risk-free.