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How to move a mattress with a car


Moving a mattress with your car can be easier said than done

It’s not easy to move a mattress with your car. It makes the vehicle heavier, can inhibit visibility, and can present certain dangers. These problems are often exacerbated if you have a small vehicle and an enormous mattress (just try cramming a king size mattress into a Suzuki Swift, and see where that gets you).

In this article, we’ll show you a few of the hazards you’re likely to encounter when moving a mattress with a car. We will also give you some pointers to make the process of mattress transportation that much easier.

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What can you do if your mattress is too large for your car?

There are a few options for moving a mattress by car, but they can be troublesome if not executed correctly. For example, attaching a mattress to the roof of your car can be illegal if it is not performed in a safe and specific way.

If you can almost, but not quite, fit the packaged mattress into your boot, then you could try removing the protective packaging and see if just the mattress will fit. However, this presents hazards: if you have any dirty or sharp objects in your vehicle then your mattress is at added risk of damage during your journey.

Then, when it comes time to remove the mattress from your car, you’ll either have to reapply the protective packaging (which can be arduous) or risk dirt and debris while transporting your mattress from your vehicle to your bed base.

Don’t let the mattress damage things in your car

If a big and heavy mattress is loose in your car while driving, be alert that it might break any fragile items it makes contact with. Be especially careful if your mattress is sharing the back seat area in your vehicle with a child’s car seat: the seat can become loose, and may need to be re-fitted to offer adequate protection.

Your car will be heavier when you’re driving with a heavy mattress

A car that is weighed down by a mattress will accelerate less quickly and break less effectively than it usually does. It might only by a small change, but even a difference of a few seconds and meters can have a huge impact when you’re on the road. To avoid an accident, remember to take into account the new conditions of your vehicle.

Watch out for visibility when moving a mattress in a car

Just because you can fit a mattress into your car doesn’t necessarily mean you can do it safely. It’s vital that you maintain visibility out your back window while driving. If you can’t see out your rearview mirror, it’ll seriously impact your ability to drive safely.

Ensure that the mattress is stored in such a way as not to block your rearview mirror. If that’s impossible, then look at another way of moving the mattress.

Moving a mattress by towing a trailer with your car

Driving with a trailer can be really hard: if you’ve ever seen an inexperienced person try to back up a trailer, you’ll know just how challenging it can be! Furthermore, not every driver is allowed to tow a trailer.

In some states, like Victoria, there are restrictions which prevent P-platers from towing. Make sure that what you’re doing with the trailer is legal, and that you know what you’re doing.

There is a better and easier way to get your new mattress home

As outlined above, moving a mattress with your car can be fraught with difficulty. Thankfully, there is a simple and hassle-free alternative: just get your mattress delivered.

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