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Traditional mattresses vs hybrid mattresses


Why you should consider Sleep Republic’s mattress in a box

We hear an awful lot about the importance of sleep these days. We hear almost as much about the importance of mattresses – and for good reason.

The right mattress can provide the ultimate sleeping experience and make all the difference when it comes to your back and joints. 

So how do you choose a mattress when there are so many different types to choose from? First and foremost, it helps to understand the difference between traditional mattresses and modern hybrid mattresses.

Want to sleep on your purchase decision? We offer a 100 Night Free Trial on our hybrid mattress. Learn more.

What is a ‘traditional’ mattress?

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Innerspring mattresses are the traditional choice in the mattress world. They’re the ones you likely grew up with – they feature a steel coil support system covered by padding or upholstery. 

Most innerspring mattresses coils are made from a single continuous wire, looped into adjacent springs. This design distributes weight across neighbouring springs to help the mattress hold its integrity longer. However, the durability of a traditional mattress is dependent on the gauge, or thickness, and quality of the wire.

Low-quality innerspring mattresses are known to sag. No other mattress type has such a high sagging rate. They also tend to have lower owner satisfaction due to increased squeaking and creaking noises with time – you can expect to get about ten years’ life out of of a traditional mattress before it starts to seriously undermine your comfort and support.

What is a ‘hybrid’ mattress?

what is a hybrid memory foam mattress in a box

As the name suggests, hybrid mattresses combine the best elements of other popular mattress types. While ‘hybrid’ is occasionally used as a buzz term, Sleep Republic manufacture hybrid mattresses in their truest form. We combine high definition pocket springs with a natural layer of latex, and gel infused memory foam for unrivalled comfort. The mattresses surface is carefully encased by cashmere knitted fabric.

Like memory foams mattresses, our hybrid mattresses absorb motion rather than distributing it – meaning minimal disturbance for couples sharing a night’s sleep. They contour to the body in the same way memory foam mattresses do, and provide the stable support of innerspring mattresses.  

Available at a similar cost to leading traditional mattress, most Hybrids come with the option of a ‘try it free’ sleep trial and will last over a decade if properly cared for. Better yet, they come rolled, wrapped, boxed and delivered to your door at no cost to you.

Why choose a hybrid mattress from Sleep Republic?

We’ve been making and selling mattresses for over 20 years, and we’ve put all our knowledge together to bring you the perfect hybrid mattress design.

1,850 high-definition pocket springs topped with memory foam makes for a ‘not too soft, not too firm’ feel. Natural latex give an immediate cushioning effect, while the spring base provides necessary spinal support.

Specifically zoned in five places to provide the ultimate sleeping experience, our mattress is ideal for side and back sleepers. Stomach sleepers can also find comfort thanks to the gel-infused memory foam on the top layer.

But we don’t ask you to just take our word for how great our mattress is – we offer you a 100 Night Free Trial. If you’re not happy with how you’re sleeping, we’ll come and take your mattress away at no cost to you.

We provide this service because we’re so sure you’ll love our hybrid mattress more than any other mattress you’ve ever owned.

Learn more about the Sleep Republic mattress today or contact our team for more information.