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Your complete guide for choosing a queen mattress


Tips for selecting Australia’s most popular size mattress

If you’re in the market for a new bed, chances are you want a queen mattress, the most popular size mattress in Australia. Around 61% of Australians slumber on a Queen size mattress, but with so many styles, materials and comfort levels to choose from, narrowing it down can be tricky.

A perfect choice doesn’t just feel good; it’s good for you too. That’s why Sleep Republic have created this guide to help you through your queen mattress journey.

Are you waking up sore? Thinking of an upgrade? With our queen bed mattress, you’ll get the royal treatment with an impressive 1,850 pocket springs and luxurious comfort layers like gel-infused memory foam.

What does a regular queen size mattress weigh?

A queen size mattress from Sleep Republic weighs 49kg compared with the average weight of 35kg from most other brands. The added weight is due to our cutting-edge hybrid design – pairing pocket springs with specially designed layers of foam and gel means added weight, durability, performance, support and most importantly, comfort – night after night.

Which mattress is bigger, queen or king?

  • Our queen size mattress measures 203 × 152 × 31 cm
  • Our king size mattress is bigger at 203 x 183 x 31 cm

Can you move a queen mattress by yourself?

waking woman

Consider the weight of queen mattresses if you’re thinking about purchasing a new queen bed or upgrading your current mattress. The Sleep Republic Queen Mattress weighs 49kg, making it one of the largest queen mattresses available. Its weight reflects the quality, durability and long term performance and comes with a solid 12-year warranty.

The mattress is effectively compressed and packed using our technology for shipping, ensuring that it arrives in excellent condition. Each mattress is then vacuum-sealed and wrapped in a protective plastic sleeve before being placed in a strong cardboard box.

Everything is packed in a sturdy, heavy-duty outer box with wheels and a handle for easy transportation. So, with the help of a buddy, you should be able to accept delivery and unpack it quickly.

What is the difference between king and queen beds?

The difference between king and queen beds is simply width. The king-size mattress measures 183 cm wide (compared to 152cm on the queen), making it ideal for couples. In addition, if you share your bed with a loved one or a furry friend or two, you could find that your sleep improves significantly when you invest in a larger-sized bed like our King Mattress.

The King Mattress and Queen Mattress are both parts of our Hybrid range, which combines spring technology with memory foam to create an unrivalled comfort level. The mattresses also use Quilted Gel Memory Foam in the top layers to help you sleep cool and avoid sweating when the weather is hot.

Is it okay to use king fitted sheets on a queen bed?

If you’re looking for the best way to fit your king sheets onto queen mattresses, try tucking about 20cm of sheeting under each corner of the bed. The sheets should then be able to glide over the mattress with ease – just like you’d expect from a mattress that’s bought brand new! Keep in mind that if you’re sharing your bed with someone, you may need to tuck more of the sheet under the mattress.

If you’re still struggling at this point, don’t stress! Sleep Republic has a beautiful range of silky smooth sheets at reasonable prices that will perfectly fit your new queen size mattress.

What is the best queen size bed?

If you’re looking for a new queen-sized bed, it all comes down to personal preference. So first, think about the style of mattress you’ve had before and if there was anything you particularly liked or disliked about it – this will make your decision a lot easier!

The Sleep Republic Queen bed mattress is a popular choice due to its exceptional comfort, premium-quality materials, environmentally-friendly design and affordable price tag. We’ve even been voted Best Mattress in a Box by BedBuyer for two years in a row! Endorsed by the Spinal Foundation and loved by hundreds (check out our reviews!), we’re pretty confident that if you like a medium-firm mattress, then you’re going to love the Sleep Republic Queen Mattress.

The mattress is also available in a wide range of sizes, so whether you’re looking for extra length or width or something smaller for the kids, we have the perfect sized bed for you!

Is a queen size bed big enough for two people?

couple in bed

If you’re having problems deciding whether a queen size bed is big enough for two people, have no fear! The Queen Mattress from Sleep Republic will certainly be big enough to sleep two people comfortably.

A queen-size bed is a hugely popular choice among couples because it creates a feeling of intimacy and closeness. The standard queen-sized width is about 60cm, which provides plenty of room for two people to sleep without being too crowded or leaving you feeling alone!

How much does a queen bed cost on average in Australia?

Queen-sized beds in Australia vary a lot depending on what mattress you purchase. However, if it’s within your budget, the Sleep Republic Queen Mattress costs $699, representing excellent value for money and backed by a 12-year warranty. This is much cheaper than other premium quality mattress retailers, which can cost upwards of $1,000!

Can you use queen sheets on a king bed?

While there are many queen sheets on the market, you can use them on a king bed without any issue. However – you may find that they don’t fit as well as some king size sheets.

If this happens to be your case, it’s not a big deal! Just try a different set of queen fitted sheets and see if they fit better, or head over to our accessories page, and you’ll discover our great range of bedding designed to fit your new queen mattress perfectly.

What is a good coil count for a queen mattress?

The number of coils or pocket springs within your mattress greatly effected how much support your mattress will provide. Too few and you’ll likely wake up sore, with aching pressure points. This is particularly important for taller or heavier sleepers and those who may suffer from bad backs, necks and hips.

The Sleep Republic queen sized mattress has 1,850 pocket springs. In an industry where the average coil count is 300-450, just imagine the feeling of lying on a bed with 1,850 perfectly positioned coils supporting and cushioning your sleep from head to toe.

So there you have it, all you need to know about choosing a queen mattress! A new queen mattress is an excellent investment if you want something that will fit perfectly into almost any room and is ideal for sharing.